Are YOU an accordion addict?

It's time YOU faced the MUSIC ... 

Time YOU started working the

12 Steps to Accordion Awareness with

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Sunday May 26, 4:20 pm

NorthWest Folklife Festival

Shaw Room (Acoustic Stage)


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The Accordionist's Prayer
    Grant me the musicality to accept the melodies I cannot change,
    The courage to improvise when I can,
    And the wisdom to know the difference!


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Console, commiserate, complain, communicate, or

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Anonymous Performers (Who?)

  • Bud C.: Tuba, Acoustic Bass
  • David L.: Charango, Trombone, Accordion
  • Kenny S.: Percussion
  • Kerry L.: Accordion
  • Maurya K.: Accordion
  • Sharon R.: Recorder, Accordion
  • Sue H.: Fiddle, Accordion
  • TK M.: Percussion, Accordion
  • Lorelei A.: Accordion


By creating a safe and caring atmosphere, this group helps its members overcome the debilitating effects of accordion addiction.  Members gain confidence and peace of mind through performing and parading in public, "working the steps" together, and sharing stories of how they got "hooked".

As members of Accordions Anonymous, we have come to understand that we are powerless over our addiction and have made a decision to turn our phrasing and tempo over to the care of a Higher Musical Power.  We believe in progress, not perfection.   Thinking the tune through.  And taking one note at a time.

And ... if  we don't meet your needs you may want to check out:
Emerald Valley Accordion ClubFirst Monday of very month, 6:30-9 pm, at the Vet's Club, 1626 Willamette St., Eugene. Bring your axe - show off, listen, jam, learn. 

IN MUSICALITY, ....  Accordions Anonymous